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Just In Time For Christmas

"I wanted to make this album to be a blend of styles...

 ...some classic country, som jazz, some folk, a medley of my favorite childhood Christmas songs. Check out "Beautiful Night," "Seasons," and don't miss the rockin' Christmas Medley featuring my dad."

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"Rhinestoned was the first record I released on my own label.

It was an A&R-free zone. I wanted it to be a bridge between the present and the past... a true country record, so there's no shortage of fiddle or steel and no autotune on the vocals. Check out "Train Without a Whistle," "Life Has Sure Changed Us Around" with John Anderson, and don't miss one of my favorite ballads of all time "Someone Somewhere Tonight.""

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It's All Relative

"This album is a tribute to my dad, Mel Tillis.

I wanted to make this album because I feel related to these songs by blood. Because I can barely get through "Detroit City" without crying. I want to help people either remember or discover for the first time the south Florida poet, my dad, Mel Tillis. Check out the Patsy Cline recording "So Wrong," Webb Pierce's "I Aint Never," and Ray Price's "Heart Over Mind" but with my own twist."

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Greatest Hits

Here are all my hits!

These are all my hits from my days at Arista Nashville. In 1997, we decided it was about time to put them all together on a compilation, so here it is! You'll also find a few previously unreleased songs like "Land of the Living" and "All the Good Ones Are Gone."

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